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Softball by the Numbers Scorebook


A few samples of the feedback we're receiving about Baseball By The Numbers. We hope you'll submit your own feedback as well, so we can continuously improve our scorebook.

I love your scorebooks! I've been spoiled by them. I had to use a different book the other night and I really couldn't record everything that I wanted as well or easily. Thanks for putting together such a great product!
Tom Graham, Maryland, June 2017
I am the owner and head coach of a travel ball team organization in Greenville, SC. I have 8 travel ball teams from 10u-18u and over the past 5 years I used Baseball By The Numbers Score Books. My score keeper was upset when I ran out last year. She made the comment to me that there isn't a score book on the market that gives you all the options this book offers. Other score books require you to write down so many things and this score book gives you the option to just check things off and a space for almost all plays that may happen during the game. I am also the local head baseball coach at St Joseph's Catholic High school in Greenville,SC and I am buying the same score book for my school team this year. Thanks for offering a great product.
George Turmon, South Carolina, August 2016
We received your scorebooks as a gift once from our children and have used them ever since for collegiate and local games. We love them! Lots of space, room for notes about weather, umpires, attendance, etc. Firm covers to lean on while writing. Just used them up and ordered some more! Thank you!
Elizabeth Hoerning, New York, July 2016
I have used Baseball by the Numbers for 9 years! I recently looked through an old box and found the first scorebook I ordered back in 2007, my son was 9 at the time and it was the first game he pitched! The books give you plenty of room and options to tally any and all stats you want to track. I will never go electronic as long as Barksdale keeps making scorebooks! Thank you!
Brandii Linville, Oklahoma, March 2016
A friend had a sample. It is the best book I have seen in my life for stat nerds like myself. It is also great for "older" people like me who can't see those small books. I will definitely put a review on the site.
Rob Pyle, Colorado, April 2016
I am from Harriman, Tennessee and live in the Panhandle of Oklahoma and we travel all over playing ball; people come up to me and ask me about this scorebook all the time. I tell my fellow Okies that it took someone from Tennessee to make this great book! Thank you all for having the best scorebooks in the business!
Brandii Linville, Oklahoma, March 2016
My son is now 16. I found this book when he was 12 and have loved and used this book since then. When he was younger it was great to be able to keep book and pitch count on the same book rather than having a book and a pitch count sheet. Every year when a new coach gives me his issued book I get rid of it and order Baseball by the Numbers. It is the best book out there!
Janet James, Washington, May 2014
Third year using the Standard Edition. Plenty of room for notes and cleanly setup. I keep up with fouls as well as counted balls/strikes. Mainly to keep a record of exact number of pitches. I usually just put a * (dot) in the extra space for a foul. This is still my favorite book. I like to use a large rubber band so that I can flip the book to get to each team. Really the best laid out book, especially if you are a one person score keeper. The Youth book has the extra batters for Rec leagues and even some of the showcase Travel Baseball where extra hitters are allowed.
Macon Patton, South Carolina, November 2013
Thanks Don for the quick shipment. I love the scorebook [Standard Edition] - exactly what I have been looking for the past few years. Great job!
Mark Frongillo, Massachusetts, June 2013
Our Little League LOVES your books. I am a score keeper and have got to say yours is the easiest to score and the most organized pitch count area!!!
Vanessa Tillman, Nevada, February 2013
Our little league has used your books for several seasons now. Thorough, great instructions for beginning scorekeepers, solid back cover, and overall outstanding.
David White, Florida, January 2013
My husband and I travel to minor league baseball parks as a hobby (been to 141 in 34 states and provinces, so far) and I use the scorebooks [Standard Edition] to keep track of not only the games, but our notes about the parks, the food, the fans, et al. We're currently writing a book about our travels and our notes come in very handy. Thus, I don't really use all the extra features. Instead, I use the batting/base running columns on the right to write my notes. I do appreciate the extra innings columns in the back. Those are very handy. I have used very many different scorebooks over the years and this is by far the best! I hope you stay in business for years to come.
Ginny Skinner-Linnenberg, New York, September 2012
Have used these for a season & don't want to use anything else! Love this book [Softball by the Numbers]!!!
Cindy Neza, Nevada, September 2012
Strengths are its large size, extra heavy back cover and the pitch count columns. I don't use any other paper score books. Yours are the best.
Matt Nycum, Louisiana, April 2012
I left positive feedback several years ago, but thought it was time to leave more. As I stated back then, this is the BEST baseball/softball scorebook I've ever used. I've recommended the book to all the coaches I've encountered, and after having seen the book, many of them have adopted it. You can keep much more information in this book than a regular score book. Pitch sequences are easy, since there's enough space to put numbers in the ball/strike count areas rather than dots; total pitches is a breeze in the youth edition, and the statistical summary area is more comprehensive than any box-store scorebook I've seen. Over the past several years, I now have a stack of several baseball and softball books with memories of my three sons and one daughter's years playing youth ball, and now use the regular book for my boys' high-school team. The book is so well constructed, it will be around for them to hand down to their kids some day. Don't count this father threw nine no-hitters his senior year of high school, back in 1950. There's no record of those games, other than a few newspaper clippings stating he did it. I'd give an arm or two to have the scorebooks from those games! You won't be disappointed in this book!
Dr. J.B. Boren, New Mexico, January 2012
I have been purchasing both Youth and Standard books from you for over two years. I think they are great. I have got to where now our entire little league purchases these books in the spring for use by home teams.
Marina Spencer, California, October 2011
Have been using your youth baseball scorebook the last several years and have found it very valuable. Some of the key features at the Little League level for us has been the space to list up to 15 batters in the batting order when batting the full roster, the oversized pages, and having distinct boxes to put where the ball was hit and how many outs there are. I can't use any other scorebook now!
Mike Sherman, New Jersey, June 2011
I love the way your book is set up. It has a lot of information packed into an organized format that is easy to use and understand when the scoring is done.
Shannon Cummings, May 2011
I love these books, I have been keeping score for about 18 years, I have been using these for the last four. The are the best books out there! And your company is great too. Especially after my error in ordering and you being so quick to get it straightened out for me. Wonderful customer service!
Kim Hawkins, Tennessee, May 2011
I love this book! It really helps people that don't know how to keep score. It is like the scorebook for dummys lol
Jeanne Tranberg, California, February 2011
Love the book. Best I've found for Little League. We appreciate the large boxes and pitch count columns are key. I teach the scorekeepers clinic for Woodinville West Little League and surrounding leagues and recommend it every year to my keepers.
Rochelle Dammel, Washington, February 2011
I have been using your book since I began coaching at Great Oak High School 6 years ago and it is by far the BEST scorebook I have ever used. I have two stat girls - one using your book and the other using a hand held device. I often times need to use your book to adjust the hand held due to input mistakes. Your book is very easy to follow and "replay" the game! Great job! Thank you! Chris Dress, California, February 2011
This is my second year of using this scorebook. All of the scorekeepers and managers love this book. I keep score for Little League and traveling baseball.
Marina Spencer, California, January 2011
I bought this for my boyfriend who is a huge baseball fan and loves to keep score. He loved this book and now I am purchasing a second one for him because he uses it so much. Great purchase!
Katelyn Dalby, Minnesota, June 2010
The main reason I love the youth edition scorebook is the large score box. There is more than enough room to record everything that happens. I have used smaller books in the past and need glasses just to see what I'm doing. After finding the youth scorebbook, I would never use anything else.
Mike Quiram, Illinois, May 2010
This is the best scorebook I have ever found. The detail you can track is amazing. It has really helped me track the progress of our team.
Lora Bloom, Kentucky, May 2010
Opening Day is finally almost here! I wanted you to know that I'm excited to be heading to the local minor league ballpark Thursday night with one of my Baseball by the Numbers books in hand. I've been waiting all winter, and now I'm ready to start enjoying the games with a great scoring system. Thanks again for getting me the books earlier this year.
Greg Cohoon, North Carolina, April 2010
It has taken me quite a few years to get my wife trained on how to keep score for my varsity games. I asked her if she liked your scorebook and she said she would not keep book for me unless I bought Barksdale's Scorebook. We love it and it is easy to track everything. Thanks!!!
Kyle & Tanisha Bules, Colorado, March 2010
I'd like to add to my feedback that I'd left previously (before the 2007 softball season). I have been using these scoresheets ever since; they are perfect for all the information I like to keep. In fact, if I'm pressed into a situation where I have to score a game with a "standard" scorebook, it just doesn't feel right (too small).
Richard Thomas, Pennsylvania, March 2010
I’ve ordered your books from prior years. Just wanted to also let you know that I love your books! Other parents are also ordering them as well since they see they detail!
Teiko Richy, Colorado, February 2010
Our league converted to these scorebooks 3 years ago and we wouldn't use anything else. They make it easy to teach anyone how to keep score. We've had many inquiries from other leagues in our area who were impressed as well!!!
Scott Waite, California, February 2010
You do great work. I can't tell you how much I prefer scoring from your books over everything else I've ever used.
Tom Blodgett, Arizona, January 2010
I follow a Class A Baseball affiliate of the L.A. Dodgers in Midland, Michigan and find the book to be excellent. It is the one book I have seen where you can go back and really see what happened.
Jude Patnaude, Michigan, January 2010
Your scorebook is the best I've found. I use it for trips to the many minor league games we attend (my husband and I have been to 116 minor league parks). There is plenty of room on the sides for my notes about the parks. I don't keep all the batter stats, etc., but I do take copious notes about the park and the staff. I have used several other brands of scorebooks and this one has been the most comprehensive and easiest to handle.  
Virginia Skinner-Linnenberg, New York, September 2009
I just wanted to let you know that, as I order my second  scorebook from you, you really do have the best scorebook on the market. I'm 58 years old, a lifelong fan of the Detroit Tigers, and I'm "old school"–I still keep score at the games. As somebody who’s enjoyed keeping score at ballgames for many years, your scorebook really is an excellent one...well thought out, comprehensive, and easy to use. My compliments!
Peter Silveri, Michigan, August 2009
I used your baseball scorebook for softball last season and it was awesome! I just ordered the softball books to see how they work out. This is by far the best book I have used in my 20 years of keeping score!
Mark Madison, Virginia
I have been keeping score for baseball and softball for over 20 years and this is the best scorebook I have run across. I will continue to use it for many years to come. I love the space you are given to write so many details. It is so awesome to be able to write everything that happens but still keep it in the same box. Love it!!!
Kim Hawkins, Tennessee
Very organized, well thought of and easy to keep scores. You just can't get any better than this. Easy for beginners to use as well as experienced scorekeepers.  I highly recommend this scorebook. This is the only way to go and you can tell that Don put A LOT of thought into making this the very best. High Quality. Fast service and great customer service.
Lori Allison, Connecticut
Absolutely the best scorebook I have ever used. I love the location box. It allows me to show where it was hit without the possibility of covering it up later when the runner scores. It is especially useful for "Stat Nuts" like me.
Jay Jackson, Pennsylvania
I just love this book. Having the pitch count bubbles on the same page makes it much easier to keep an accurate count.
Tami Slagill, California
I absolutely love the design of your scorebook.  I have been in Little League for 29 years, 28 of it as a scorekeeper.  Your book has it all, and now with the new pitch count rule, yours is the easiest I have seen.  I want to show my leagues so that next year we can get these for my scorekeepers on each team.  This would be an excellent way of teaching new scorekeepers the correct way to keep score.  It embodies all the information needed from game to game, and would be a great way of preventing confusion of pitch counts and if a pitcher is eligible.  
Meldoy Lema, California
I used your books last year and just about everyone that saw it took down your website's address. No other scorebook will do; it would be like not having an air conditioner in my car or a snowthrower after a blizzard or even worse - warm beer after a round of golf.
Mark O'Toole, Massachusetts
The best scorebook for girl's fastpitch available on the market.
Jeff Michaud, Georgia
I think that the [Standard Edition] book is the best around. I coach high school baseball, and this scorebook is the best one I have seen.
Nick Stillwell, Illinois
I have used your scorebooks in the past and this is my second order with your company. I am a scorekeeper for select baseball. I love your books!  The pitching stats are awesome and the coaches love it.  I am able to keep track of pitches thrown as well as review trends of specific pitchers after so many throws, etc.  I will continue to use your books!  Thanks a lot!
Danna Zreet, Texas

I really enjoy the book. I've been keeping score for quite a while and this is the best book I have found. I re-enter the games into a stats program for the coaches, so I need more detail than most people and this book allows me to do virtually everything. Short of keepng the game on my laptop (I have nightmares about battery failures), this is the best thing I have found. Well done!
Michael Adler, Texas

I love this scorebook - absolutely. I'm a mom who just wants to keep a scorebook in order to stay in the game and know what's going on. Now that I have this scorebook I drive our coach crazy with all the stats I keep from the game information. The kids always want to know how many strikes they threw and sometimes even the umpire wants to know the count. It has been a lot of fun and a way to document a game in order to discuss everything afterward with my son.
Nelda Ferlic, Maryland
I have used this book for a few years now and LOVE them. They are very easy to use and easy to learn from if you don't know what you are doing. They are very informative and are very conducive to little league or major leagues as well. I wont use any other book and neither will our league!
Tonya Hernandez, California
We have ordered 3-4 books over the last 2 years for spring/travel/and fall baseball. I'm a mom learning to do the book and keep the stats. Your book has been a great learning tool. We do really love the book and the size had made us the envy of our league.
Mimi Webster, Illinois

I love how big the scoring sheets are in comparison to other scorebooks...very easy to see & use, lots of places to keep information. Other parents on the softball team have ordered this scorebook for thier daughter's respective high school teams. I made the mistake of not ordering more than one for myself. GREAT JOB !
Kathy Benninger, Michigan

We just got our scorebooks from you and I think they're great. They'll really help our inexperienced scorekeepers here as we inaugurate the first-ever little league in India.
Joel Ehrendreich, New Delhi, India

I really like your scoring layout, and find it much more direct than other systems I've used.
Norm Metzger, District of Columbia

I ordered your scorebook this spring after quite a bit of research. I think it's the best out there. My son and daughters are playing High School Baseball/Softball and when I showed it to all of the coaches they ordered some too!  
Darren Sorensen, Illinois
I recently ordered and received theYouth League Edition scorebook.  Let me saying that I am impressed; after buying and comparing various scoresheets, this one is perfect for all the scorekeeping for a girls' softball team that I'm a coach for. The large size (I tend to write big) and the clever box to write hit location (which I want to track next season) is perfect for me.  My current plan is to use the scorebook next season, April 2007.
Richard Thomas, Pennsylvania

I have coached Little League Baseball for a number of years, and this year I was asked by our manager to be "the numbers guy". Most of the scorebooks available at the local sports stores were woefully inadequate for collecting the data I needed, particularly where pitch counts were concerned. I researched the web for a couple hours and found your scorebook. It looked like what I needed, and having used it for the first few games, I now know this is the best scorebook I've ever used. I am able to easily arrive at game statistics using the well-thought-out batting diagrams, and the pitch-count section is ingenious. I even keep pitch sequences by simply writing in B (ball), S (strike), F (foul), etc., rather than making a simple mark on each pitch. Then, drawing a line under each completed batter, I am able later to easily determine how many batters were faced by each pitcher each inning. This is the best scorebook available today.
Dr. J.B. Boren, New Mexico

Your scorebooks are outstanding.  Great job! The standard edition scorebook (10 batter version) will work very well for us in USSSA youth baseball tournaments as well as in 7th-8th grade or high school play. The Youth League edition scorebook (15 batters) is good for recreational "all players bat" leagues.
Kevin McGovern, Michigan
I love my Baseball by the Numbers scorebook!  I use it as a spectator at college baseball games. Several people wondered where I found my scorebook and I referred them to you. I recently attended a fall scrimmage without my scorebook. That won't happen again!
Marty Cornell, Oklahoma
I love your scorebook. It is the best one I have seen.  
Jim Knox, Pennsylvania
This was my first year as scorekeeper. I used the standard scorebook from a sporting goods store for the first two games. While searching online for a software program to enter the data, I came across your website. I ordered the book and used it the remainder of the season. I love it! I love all the things you have in each box to make it easy to note each play.  Love the hardback cover. Love the instructions page as well as the small 'key' on each score page.
Wendy Sowski, California
After using your scoresheets, I will not use any other. It helped my scoring ability 10-fold.  
Tammera Weyland, Nevada

With the new Little League Pitch-Count rule, the pitch-count section in the youth scorebook becomes essential. I have used this feature in the past for information; now I'll be using it by rule. Excellent resource.
Dr. J.B. Boren, New Mexico

The score-box is great. I use almost every piece of the box and being able to mark earned vs. unearned runs, pitching changes, etc., is great. And I especially like the place to mark the start of the inning.  
Matt Citardi , New York

It really is the best scorebook I've used so far and I have been keeping scorebooks for the last 20 years.
Brian Farley, Georgia
I've been either a manager, coach, player, umpire or scorekeeper in baseball for over 40 years. I bought your scorebook last fall after finding it during a "Google" search...and I really do like it!! I plan to buy a new one later this spring.
Mark Miller, Virginia