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Softball by the Numbers Scorebook

Standard Edition

Our Standard Edition baseball scorebook is for advanced and adult baseball and softball scorekeeping. It is ideal for fans who like to score their favorite major league team.

The 11- by 14-inch format allows room for 10 innings of play and a full range of batting and fielding totals. In addition, there are inning totals and a section for pitching summary data for up to 4 pitchers. The scorepage also provides space for home team and opponent names, game location, coach and umpire names, start and stop times, and field conditions. And there is room at the bottom of the page for any additional game notes.

The spiral bound baseball scorebook has an extra stiff backing for support when keeping score and provides sheets for 25 games. It also includes instructions, a sheet for player batting totals for up to 25 games, a percentage table for easy calculation of batting averages and other data for up to 90 times at bat and 150 hits, and a set of extra-inning scoreboxes for 3 additional innings.

the Scorebox

Our unique, copyrighted scorebox allows you to clearly and easily record each player's at bat, progress from base to base, out, runs batted in, earned or unearned runs, and other useful information, including field location for hits, the point at which a pitching change occurs, when a substitute enters, and when an inning starts. See the Scorebox page for details.

summary of features

11- X 14-inch scorepages printed in two colors, clear black lines and text and blue scoreboxes that allow you to clearly mark scoring data with a pencil. Room to keep score for 10 players for 10 innings, including full batting and pitching data and game summaries. Plus room to record team and opponent information, coaches, umpires, date and game times, playing conditions, and notes you wish to keep.

With these Features:

Totals and Summaries

There is room below the scoreboxes to record for each inning and the game so far the following totals, plus extra lines for you to use as you wish:
RUNS - Runs scored
ER - Earned runs
HITS - Number of hits
ERR - Errors made
LOB - Runners left on base

The right side of the scoresheet allows summary totals for a full range of batting, base running, and fielding data sufficient to compute standard averages and percentages for individuals and the team as required by many leagues.
Batting and base running
AB - Official time at bat
R - Run
H - Hit
RBI - Run batted in
2B - Double
3B - Triple
HR - Home run
TB - Total bases gained from hits
SFB - Sacrifice bunt
SFF - Sacrifice fly
BB - Base on balls

IBB - Intentional base on balls
HP - Hit by pitcher
IF - Interference
K - Strike Out
ASB - Attempted stolen base
SB - Stolen base

PO - Put Out
A - Assist
E - Error
DP - Double play

A separate section of the scoresheet allows you to record a significant amount of data about pitching performance.
W/L/S - Win/loss/save
IP - Innings Pitched
AB - At bats (batters faced)
H - Hits given up
R - Runs allowed
ER - Earned runs
HR - Home runs
SFB - Sacrifice bunts allowed

SFF - Sacrifice flies allowed
BB - Bases on balls issued
IBB - Intentional bases on balls issued
HB - Hit batsmen
K - Strikeouts
WP - Wild pitches
BK - Balks

We have taken care to include room for other important information.
  • Team names
  • Coaches' names
  • Home or visitor
  • Umpires' names

  • Practice, league, or tournament
  • Date
  • Start and end times
  • Location
  • Weather conditions

OPTIONAL Line-up SheetsBaseball Scorekeeping

25 3-part sheets to allow a copy each for the home team, the visiting team, and the official scorekeeper.

Allows listing of batter's batting position, uniform number, name, and position and substitutes' names and uniform numbers.