Softball Edition xdv

Softball by the Numbers Scorebook

The Scorebox

The copyrighted scorebox shown here is the heart of our scorekeeping system. The box is compact, yet roomy enough to record all the data you need on each player during his turn at bat.

Allows you to account for a runner's progress from base to base, record how an out occurred, and indicate a run scored.

Allows you to circle a base hit; a walk, hit by pitched ball, or sacrifice out (none of which count against the batter as a time at bat); or a fielder's choice.

Allows you to record balls and strikes, a strike out, and the field location of a base hit.

Allows you to neatly indicate the first batter in the inning, the point at which a player is substituted, when a change in pitchers takes place, and whether a run scored is "earned" or "unearned."

Allows you to mark runs batted in and record the number of outs in the inning. This is the full scorebox. It allows you to record more data than other baseball scorebooks.

This example shows that the first batter in the inning, who was a substitute, faced a new pitcher and, after a full count, reached base on a single (1B) between the third baseman and the shortstop (5/6). Then, he stole second base (SB) and took third on a wild pitch. Finally, the third baseman made a throw to the catcher (5-2) to get him out, the second out in the inning.