Softball Edition xdv

Softball by the Numbers Scorebook

Bargain blue book for youth baseball


Our objective has never been to sell the cheapest, but rather to offer the highest quality and best designed scorebooks. That has not changed.

However, feedback from customers and potential customers over the past couple of years has shown us that some teams and leagues must buy bargains for budgetary reasons. Times are tight.

So we decided to offer an option for bargain shoppers. We took our Youth Edition to our printer and asked, "What can we do to keep our scorekeeping system intact while lowering the price as much as possible?"

The Bargain Blue Book is the result.

The Bargain Blue Book is not all our Youth Edition is. But it's worth considering.

What's the Difference...

...between the Youth Edition and the Bargain Blue Book?
Well, let's start with what is essentially the same. Both books are the same size, 11- by 14-inches. The instruction sheet is identical except it is printed in blue in the bargain book instead of black. The scoresheets in the bargain book are identical, except that they are printed in one color (blue) instead of two colors (black and blue). Both books have enough pages to score 24 games.

The following table compares the two books in other regards:

Youth Edition Bargain Blue
Spiral Saddle stitched (stapled)
Cover weight front
Extremely Heavy Back
Cover weight wrap around
Percentage Tables
Yes No
Player Summary Tables
Yes No
Extra Inning Sheets
Yes No
$8.45 1-29 copies + shipping
$6.95 30+ copies, free shipping
$2.95 + shipping
No additional discount