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Baseball Scorekeeping System A big Thanks! to Baseball by the Numbers customer Tom Colthurst in Iowa who forwarded this screen grab from MLB Tonight. Tom writes, "I'm a big fan of your score books and was watching MLB Tonight doing a recap of game 6 of the 2013 World Series and I caught a glimpse of a fan showing your scorebook. Just thought it was cool enough to share with you."

All we can say is "Wow!"

Baseball Scorebook for YouthOur celebrated Youth Edition features room for up to 15 batters over 8 innings and includes an easy-to-use 400-pitch counter on every scoresheet. The book provides scoresheets for 24 games.

The book has a spacious 11- by 14-inch format, is spiral bound to allow easy page turning, and has a rigid, extra-heavy back cover to provide a stable writing surface.

Keeping score for a game is done on facing pages so that moving from scoring one team in an inning to the other requires flipping the book over rather than turning the pages back and forth. Pages are printed on non-glare paper to avoid blinding glare when keeping score in the sun.


The scoresheets are printed in two colors—clear black lines and text and blue scoreboxes that allow you to clearly mark scoring data with a pencil.

Our copyrighted scorebox allows you to keep more data more precisely than any other scorebook available today. A diagram on every scoresheet serves as a convenient reminder about how to use the scorebox.Baseball Scorebook

Each scoresheet includes space for the names of the team and home or visitor designation; coach; umpire; and scorekeeper as well as three approval signatures. In addition, there are spaces to record player batting totals on the right-hand side of the page and inning summary totals at the bottom of the page. The inning number boxes and versatile blank lines below the inning totals at the bottom of the sheet allow the scorekeeper to keep running totals and other data as he or she prefers.

Pitch Counter

Little League ScorebookThe pitch counter on every scoresheet allows a clear, convenient way to record the number of pitches thrown by every pitcher as required by Little League’s pitch count regulation. In this way, the full scoresheet becomes a written record of the game, including pitch count, which is documented and reviewable.

Using the pitch counter is easy. First you record above the first column of circles the uniform number of the first pitcher. Proceed to make a mark in subsequent circles in the column after each pitch is thrown. (Some scorekeepers have suggested a different mark, such as a [X] for balls and [check] for strikes.) Proceed in this way until there is a pitcher change. Then tally the total number of pitches thrown by the first pitcher. Note that the pitch counter is clearly differentiated in units of five pitches to make the tally easy. Record in the table above the pitch counter the pitcher’s name, age, and number of pitches thrown.

Record the uniform number of the next pitcher in the next blank column and so on throughout the game.

Other Features

Included in each scorebook:

Youth Edition Line-up Sheets

An optional set of line-up sheets includes twenty-four 4-part forms.

The line-up sheets allow for each player in the defensive line-up a space for uniform number, full name, pitching eligibility for the game, and defensive position.

Below that, substitutes are listed, including uniform number, pitching eligibility, and full name. Note that batting position listed in the first column continues through the list of substitutes for those leagues that allow all players to bat.

In the shaded row under each defensive position, you can record when a substitute enters the defensive line-up by recording the inning in which the substitute enters and the player’s uniform number. The form allows up to three substitutions per defensive position.

The suggested distribution is: white copy to announcer/official scorekeeper, canary copy to the chief umpire, the pink copy to the opposing team, and the gold copy for the home team.

Feedback and Local Sales

We continue to monitor feedback from users. That feedback has driven a series of improvements in the scorebook and will likely continue to do so. We appreciate your business and willingness to share your expertise in scorekeeping and suggestions. We are always happy to hear from you by phone at (865) 686-9466, e-mail at, or through our convenient Send Feedback page.

Several questions we received concern whether you can buy our books in your community. More and more sporting goods dealers across the country are carrying Baseball by the Numbers. To see if a store near you stocks our product, see our Buy Now page. If your favorite supplier is not listed, tell them of your interest and ask them to get in touch with us!

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